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Counseling at the Replogle Center

Replogle Center counselors and therapists employ a variety of approaches for self-awareness, self care, and personal growth. With a unique understanding of spiritual practices and contemporary research, our staff helps clients develop a deeper understanding of their core challenges and provides education on how to overcome them.

Trust and confidence in our therapeutic setting help clients transform a painful experience into an opportunity for personal growth and development. Many of the Replogle Center’s services are provided on a sliding scale based on need.

Counseling Services Offered

Individual Therapy
Helping individuals identify effective strategies to cope with difficult situations and lead happier, healthier lives. Read more...

Couples’ Therapy and Relationship Coaching
Using relationship coaching techniques to give couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve, and resolve conflict in a healthier way to create the relationship they desire. Read more...

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Using EMDR—a technique that uses bilateral stimulation of the brain with sound, sight, or touch to get both sides of the brain involved in processing memory—our specially trained therapists help clients overcome emotional difficulties caused by disturbing life experiences. Read more...

Premarital Coaching
Establishing a strong foundation for a shared future in a healthy, enduring marriage. Read more...

Grief Counseling
Providing support in times of significant loss and grief and offering encouragement and strength. Read more...

Issues Addressed

We invite you to read more about any of the issues above by simply clicking on the topic.

While we have expertise in a broad range of areas, we also know our limits. If we can’t adequately address your needs with our professional expertise or availability, we will do our best to provide you with an appropriate referral for services to help you.

Replogle Counseling Center
What a blessing my treatment was following the greatest loss of my life, my husband's suicide. The help I received has guided me all these years. I thank God daily for this.